Fenway Park is MLB’s oldest ballpark, having been home to Boston’s American League baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, since 1912! Having been renovated and expanded a great many times in its many years, Fenway Park has many unique and diverse characteristics including “The Triangle,” (an area of center field where the walls form a triangle with a far corner is 420 feet from the home plate) “Pesky’s Pole” (the pole on the right field foul line, standing 302 feet from the home plate), and the Green Monster (the 37.167 feet field wall in left field).

Other than baseball games, the venue is the site of many other sporting and other events including football matches, live concerts, and political and religious speeches and events.

Described as “a shrine” by former pitcher Bill Lee, Fenway Park has added to the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it is widely considered to be one of the best known sports venues in the world!

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