Phish at Fenway Park

Phish Tickets

Fenway Park | Boston, Massachusetts

There's nothing quite as exciting as a night of incredible music. The most unforgettable live music event in recent memory is coming to rock your Friday! Phish will be playing live at Fenway Park in Boston on Friday 5th July 2019. No better way to spend a Friday night! You must not miss this one, so order your tickets today! Tickets are on sale now. Any fan of Phish will tell you they are known for their music, showmanship and stage presence. This even is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable live performance. Make sure you bring your friends and a camera to snap some memories!

Phish at Fenway Park

Top music charts are already singing praises to Phish who is considered by critics and fans to be one of the most energetic and talented performers you can see in 2019. That’s why this incredible talent, could only appear on the Fenway Park stage for their July event. Fenway Park features comfortable seating and room for dancing so that everyone can enjoy this hot musical talent. You’ll also be treated to lighting and atmosphere that has drawn in crowds for as long as Fenway Park has been around making this a great place for hanging out with friends or dates with your significant other. This venue also has refreshing on-site bartenders who will serve you the drinks you want, as well as being on the same street as some of the top restaurants in Boston. With all these perks and the promise of seeing Phish perform live in concert, is it any wonder why Fenway Park is the place to be on Friday Friday 5th July 2019? Click the Buy Tickets button below to make sure you catch this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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